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uPLC Windows & Doors

We do quality job on time and with a warranty.

Window and door profile system with excellent insulation characteristics. Great noise and heat protection;

High-quality plastic resistant to atmospheric phenomena;

No need for painting or any other treatment and maintenance;

Smooth and even surface;

We are working with well-known windows manufacturers: Veka and WDS

Save on your heating bills with a high quality selection of uPVC windows & doors. uPVC windows & doors a reasonably priced and popular window material with variety of styles and colors to suit your home. Unlike other materials, there’s no risk of rust, rot.

Due to excellent insulating qualities a significant economical effect is achieved, wich makes it one of the most popular on the market.

Customers in countries like Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany steadely preffer these system to others available on the market.

high-quality window systems, whose modern design offers great looks and is ergonomic. 

 This profile is made of special material – eurobeam, which prevents moist absorbtion, has extra durability and deformation resistance.

Main criteria for private housebuilding these days are efficiency and environmental friendliness. New technologies open a lot of ways to save energy and protect our environment. 

The concept of a power passive houses, where an energy  loss is practically equals zero and solar power is used, becomes more popular among european customers. It allows to reduce energy consumption by 4 times and helps you to reduce your electricity bill.


Products from aluminium

Beside installing aluminum doors and windows we install and assemble aluminium doors, sliding doors, facade glazing, ventilated facades. Below, find the examples of our completed projects.

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